Gear Setup for Each Member of Sprye Bane

The Sprye Bane paintball team is currently comprised of six members: the Bane Captain, Master, Assassin, Legend, Sniper and Marksmen. While there are more side members of this team, this is the main roster as of the moment.

Bane Captain

Jacob Graham is the official leader of the team and goes by the name of Bane Captain. While the Bane Captain may not be the best overall player on the team, he definitely knows how to lead and inspire the team to march into battle.

Marker: Invert Mini

Marker Accessories: Freak barrel kit

Hopper: Dye Rotor R2

Mask: Vforce Grill

Air Tank: Ninja 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Make the most out of every game, you never know what could happen.


Bane Master

The Bane Master is none other than the second in command of our team – Josh Rathell. The Bane Masters job is to lay down heavy suppressive fire and inform the other members of the team of what’s going on. If the commander ever dies while in battle then the Bane Master will take his place

Marker: Tippmann A5

Marker Accessories: Dogleg stock, NcStar red dot, E-grip and Stiffi Barrel

Hopper: Cyclone feed

Mask: Vforce Profiler

Air Tank: Crossfire 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Never poke your head out of the same place twice – stay unpredictable.


Bane Assassin

The Bane Assassin is one of the sneakiest members on our team. And while most people call him the Assassin, we just call him Dave Dobbins. Dave is the kind of guy who will sneak past your whole team and then barrel tag you just to say he did it.

Marker: Empire Dfender

Marker Accessories: Lapco Bigshot

Hopper: Pinokio speed loader

Mask: Virtue VIO

Air Tank: Ninja 50/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Walk on the edge of your feet to reduce the amount of noise you make.


Bane Legend

If you’ve ever wondered who puts more time into this game than any of our other members, it’s the Bane Legend. Frank Vaynerchuk is the Bane Legend and he has been an avid paintballer for over 15 years now! This guy has basically taught us everything we know.

Marker: RT ULE Automag

Marker Accessories: Red dot and Proto barrel

Hopper: Ricochet hopper

Mask: Empire Eflex

Air Tank: Ninja 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Don’t move when the enemy is looking in your general direction. Movement is the first thing the eyes see.


Bane Sniper

The Bane Sniper is by far our deadliest member and one of the most laid back paintballers you’ve ever seen. Evan Crosby uses his ghillie suit to virtually disappear in the woods and the only time you’ll ever see him is when it’s already too late.

Marker: Tiberius Arms T9.1

Marker Accessories: Red dot

Mask: Empire Events

Air Tank: Guerilla 13/3000

Favorite Paintball Tip: Try to be where the enemy will never expect you.


Bane Marksmen

If you need somebody who won’t let you down then the Bane Marksmen is definitely your guy. Not only can Nick Ray easily shoot players from a far distance, but he can also do it without even fully having to aim. How the Bane Marksmen ever got so accurate I never know.

Marker: Tippmann 98 Custom

Marker Accessories: Dogleg stock and Apex 2

Hopper: Empire Halo Too

Mask: Empire EVS

Air Tank: First Strile 48/3000

Favorite Paintball Tip: Always keep a count in your head of how many players are left on the enemy team.


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