Reasons to Join the Sprye Bane Paintball Team

If you’re thinking of joining the Sprye Bane paintball team but are still undecided, then let me tell you a few benefits that you will receive from joining our ranks. For starters, you will not only be joining a team, but rather a family of people from all different backgrounds.

Together we support each other and do whatever it takes to have a good time out on the field. While we still strive to win in whatever we do, we know that deep down paintball is all about having fun. We’ll let the other teams go out and bad mouth each other whenever something goes wrong, but not us.

As a member of Sprye Bane we are always there for each other and constantly practice in order to improve. Having others to practice with not only makes the game more fun, but it also keeps you coming back for more.

Since the sport of paintball may not be what it once was we are doing our best at Sprye Bane to help bring it back. By practicing good sportsmanship and just being nice to everyone out on the field we hope to attract more kids into joining Sprye Bane and helping our revolution.

If you do want to join our team then head over to our contact page and let us know your name so we can set up a time for you to come join us and play. We are located in Denver, Colorado and usually play at our own local field that we created ourselves. We also go to many of the local scenarios in the area so keep an eye out for us and don’t be afraid to say hey!