Favorite Fields

While here at Sprye Bane Paintball we usually play at our own private field, we also play at a wide variety of other fields as well. If you play at one of the fields mentioned below and would like to link up with our team then just send us a message and we will gladly meet up.


Blitz Paintball

Blitz Paintball is one of our favorite fields to play at as there are 5 amazing recreational fields that provide non-stop fun and entertainment. There’s the Castle Field, Urban Combat, Military Base, Hyperball and Hyper-Spool Field.

Our favorite fields are of course the 2 story castle and the military base. The castle can be a bit of a trap for newbies though so you may want to watch out!


American Paintball Coliseum

American Paintball Coliseum is a huge paintball field that has multiple paintball fields spread out over 65 acres. The outdoor field is filled with cars, buses, planes, houses, boats and more. The true fun for us though is in the indoor hyperball field. The indoor airball field is cool too but were more of woodsball and rec players.
If you ever run out of paint you can also head over and play laser tag which is pretty cool.


Paintball Adventures

Paintball Adventures is another giant paintball field in Colorado, but this field is placed on a 110 acre piece of land. We love playing in the thick brush (especially our sniper) and the forts and buildings on the field are pretty cool as well.