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Story Time: Tales from the Bane Marksmen

Hey fellow paintballers, it’s the Bane Marksmen here and today I’m going to tell you a story of how me and my friends absolutely dominated The Siege of Stormwynd scenario at Camp Blanding. Unfortunately you can no longer play at Camp Blanding anymore, but let me tell you it was definitely a fun field to play at.

I believe the year was 2008 when my friends and I took our first road trip to Stark Florida to go to Camp Blanding. We’ve heard the stories of how epic the field and we were beyond psyched to play there. When we pulled up in our RV though we were absolutely shocked at how big the field of. We actually got to walk the field the night before the scenario and got to see the tunnels underneath the buildings and everything.

We were so excited to play the next day that we went to sleep as early as we could just to make the time fly by faster. After waking up we got our air tanks filled, listened to the rules and then rushed onto the field with the rest of our team to prepare to attack the city of Stormwind.

When the horns rang out loud and the match started we rushed through the woods to flank around the buildings. However, we were quickly met with opposition and had to bunker down and fight it out. After we cleared the field a little though we made a mad dash to the building and just barely made it in alive.

For the rest of the day we had to clear out all of the buildings we could, but once night came around that’s when the real fun started. We didn’t realize it at the time, but the majority of our team gave up because of some bad calls by the captain, but we at Sprye Bane refused to give up. Our entire team hunkered down underneath a couple trees and we held off all the enemy opposition we could until it was just us left.

I guess the enemy team simply figured we gave up because it wasn’t long till they left the area we were at and went back to the buildings. We sneakily followed right behind them and walked into the same building as them disguised as members of their team (we made sure to keep our arms bands as hidden as possible).

Since nobody knew that we were actually the enemy we were fortunate enough to barrel tag the entire building of around 15 people before they even knew what was going on. I mean they literally walked one by one right to us asking “what was that” as we told them that they were barrel tagged.

Shortly after that the match was called and we left the field with the biggest smiles on our face. We couldn’t believe the amount of barrel tags we just got, and since it was most of our first barrel tag eliminations it was a pretty impressive feat for us to accomplish.

The next day had some pretty cool stories as well, but nothing compared to the night before. During the final battle my chunky cousin did manage to run to the center bunker while the entire enemy team fired upon him, but sadly that was probably the highlight of the day.

Hopefully they open Camp Blanding for paintball in the future though as it is definitely the best paintball field I’ve ever had the opportunity to play at. To give you an idea of what took place that epic day I’ve found this video of The Siege of Stormwynd that somebody posted online.


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