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Story Time: Tales from the Bane Sniper

Hey everyone, it’s the Bane Sniper and today I’m here to tell you a story of how I took on around 15 people at once with only a first timer by my side. But before I get to telling you about the match, let me first give you the back story of the day.

This story takes place around 10 years ago when I was first getting into the art of paintball sniping. I spent over two months working every day making a ghillie suit and I finally had the opportunity to go and use it at my local field. All of my friends and I went out to play and there was about five of us that day.

I still remember being slightly embarrassed to put on my ghillie suit because I was afraid of what the other people were going to think. I mean I literally looked like a giant bush monster that came out of a scary story.

Eventually I did gain the courage to put it on though, and of course as I was going towards the field a group of around 10 guys all started laughing at me and calling me big Bigfoot. I knew they weren’t necessarily trying to make fun of me or anything, but I still remember thinking how I was going to show up these players since I knew they were on opposite team.

When everyone got set up on their side and the ref called for the game to start I ran straight to the woods on the side of the field. I’m not going to lie, I was moving pretty slowly up the field at first as I was trying to flank around to get a good angle on the enemies. Unfortunately, my entire team was wiped out and they only got out one or two of the players on the opposite team.

Now I was thinking that for sure we were going to lose, but I met up with the last player left on my team who hiding in the corner. This last player was a little kid that was maybe 12 years old and I could tell that he looked up to me by the way he was acting.

Destined to show this kid that I was worth his appraise, I thought of the best plan that we could do in order to hopefully win the match. I decided the best plan was to have him guard my left by laying low and somewhat hiding in the side of the bush. From that location he could easily shoot anybody that came behind me and all I had to do was watch in front of me as the enemy players tried to surround me.

One by one I eliminated around 10 players on the enemy team and I knew that the last few were hiding in the fort. And at our field if you bang on the side of the fort then the enemy team loses so my new friend and I ran up the entire field giving each other suppressive fire until I banged on the side of the fort and won the match.

Luckily as I walked off the field I still had my mask on because I couldn’t contain the huge grin that I had when all of the players on the enemy team were nodding their head in respect. And I’m pretty sure the same guy who was pointing at me and laughing was also the same guy who was pointing at me and saying that was the guy who got us all out when the match was over.

Let’s just say that after that game I never had any disbelief that I couldn’t be a paintball sniper. Every single one of my eliminations only took 2 to 3 shots, and besides the kids in the fort I don’t think any of the enemy players even shot at me once. Just by using my ghillie suit and knowing how to properly position myself on the field I was virtually invisible to the enemy.

Hopefully this story inspired you to become a paintball sniper, and if not I hope that you at least enjoyed hearing my tale. I know I’ve enjoyed telling it.


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