how to be a paintball sniper

How to Be an Effective Paintball Sniper

When I first got into the sport of paintball all I ever wanted to be was a paintball sniper. I watched some cool videos online showing off how cool it was to be a paintball sniper and since then I’ve been hooked to the idea.

When I first started practicing the art of “sniping” in paintball, I have to admit that I wasn’t too good. I honestly thought you could sit at a far range and pick people off with one shot at a time. Boy was I wrong!

Over the years I’ve learned a lot though and I can now say that I’m one of the most effective paintball snipers that I’ve ever encountered. And I must say that I’ve played a lot of paintball!

If you’re thinking of becoming a paintball sniper too then I got a few helpful tips for you that will surely transform you into a better player. While these tips are mainly meant to help you become a better paintball sniper, they will also help you improve your game whenever stealth is needed.


Move Quietly

Moving quietly may sound easy, but it actually takes lots of practice to be able to so efficiently. I’ve found the best way to walk quietly is to start with putting your heel down first and then drop the side of your foot down until your whole foot touches the ground. Resting your foot down slowly is also smart to do as well as it will keep you from making too much noise.

I highly recommend buying shoes with a soft sole such as moccasins if you really want to walk as quietly as possible.


Learn to Stay Still

When I first starting being a paintball sniper I wasn’t very good at being patient and would often give up my position by moving too early when someone got nearby. As a paintball sniper you really need to learn how to stay still and let the enemy walk by you until you get the perfect shot.

Sometimes you’ll even have to let the enemy completely walk pass you (sometimes only walking a few feet away) without moving at all so you won’t give up your position. This can take nerves of steel to not move when an enemy is nearby but this is what being a paintball sniper is all about.

The reason being still is so important when an enemy is nearby is because movement is the first thing that catches the eye. I’ve often had players stand only a few feet away from me and never see me just because I don’t move. You would be quite surprised how often this happens.


Master the Art of Camouflage

Being able to blend in your surroundings is one of the most important things you need to be able to do as a sniper in paintball. Since you don’t have the range on people like actual snipers in the military do you have to be extra careful with where you hide and how you move.

While this topic may be a little too broad for me to teach in one article, I will say that getting a ghillie suit will help you tremendously when it comes to hiding in plain sight. If you don’t have the time to make your own or the money to buy one then I would at least recommend getting some good camouflage to wear.


Always Strive to Improve Your Accuracy

The last step to becoming an expert paintball sniper is to become the most accurate player on the field. If anyone playing is more accurate than you then how can you really call yourself a true paintball sniper?

While back in the day many players would try using the argument that everyone was limited to virtually the same range, this is no longer true. By using first strike paintball rounds you can effectively double your range on the field. Plus they are highly accurate so you can finally have an advantage over the other players on the field.

You still want to perform target practice often though so you can actually be accurate yourself and not just rely on the use of superior paintballs.


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