best paintball gun for woodsball

Reviews of the Top 3 Paintball Guns for Woodsball

While becoming a great woodsball player requires a lot of practice, it also helps to have some good paintball gun as well. In fact, buying a better marker is one of the easiest ways to increase your average number of eliminations on the field.

So what is the best paintball gun for woodsball?

In my opinion, the top 3 paintball guns that you would want to have in a woodsball or scenario paintball game are the Tippmann A5, Empire BT TM-15 and the Empire D*Fender. Now remember, this is just my personal opinion so do yourself a favor and go out and read other paintball gun reviews as well.

This way you’re far more likely to choose the best paintball marker possible.


Tippmann A5

The Tippmann A5 is probably the best woodsball marker that you can buy as a beginner. It’s priced right around $200 so it’s highly affordable as well.

What makes the Tippmann A5 such as great marker is both its durability and reliability. Its durability comes from being made from a highly durable aluminum, and its reliability is due to the genius engineers over at Tippmann.

Even though the A5 is a blow back marker, it’s so well made that you virtually never have to worry about it breaking. And in the rare case that the Tippmann A5 does break down it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to help you operate on the marker as Tippmann is the most popular paintball company in the world.

My favorite part about the Tippmann A5 (and the reason I recommend it over the 98 Custom) is the cyclone feed system that feeds up to 15+ bps. Combine this hopper system with the response trigger or e-grip and now you have a paintball machine gun that requires only one battery or none at all.

The amount of accessories that can be placed on the A5 is pretty crazy as well. For this reason the Tippmann A5 is the ultimate Mil-sim marker for the player who loves upgrading their marker.


Empire BT TM-15

best paintball gun for woodsball

Ever heard of the Empire Mini? Well now you can get the Empire Mini in a Mil-sim frame that’s perfect for the intermediate woodsball player. This Mil-sim frame comes with an adjustable/collapsible stock, multiple picatinny rails and a stealth body design that works in conjunction with the barrel to reduce the overall sound signature.

The coolest aspect of the TM-15 though is the four position firing mode switch that allows you to toggle between 4 different firing modes (Semi, PSP, NXL and Millennium). You can’t forget about the Quick-Change battery system either that goes into the removable magazine.

This feature alone makes the BT TM-15 one of the top woodsball markers in my collection. This is because I absolutely hate having to remove the grip of my marker every time I want to replace the battery. While this may not be a pet peeve of yours it definitely makes me one happy paintballer.

The last feature I want to mention about the Empire BT TM-15 is the Apex 2 barrel that comes included with the marker. This nifty little barrel allows you to shoot at a much further range than anyone using a normal barrel. And it even allows you to curve paintballs around bunkers as well.


Empire BT D*Fender

top milsim marker

Hold on to your seat boys and girls, we’re about to review the best woodsball marker ever made – the Empire BT D*Fender. With this paintball gun you won’t have to worry about an annoying loader getting in your way anymore, as Empire integrated the hopper into the marker itself to eliminate it entirely from field of view.

This also eliminates the possibility of you getting hit in the loader, but I guess it does increase the possibility of you getting shot on the side of the gun. At least you won’t have to worry about your marker ever breaking though, as the frame is made from an ultra-strong, lightweight magnesium material.

When you take a look inside of the frame though you essentially have an Empire Axe, which is personally one of my favorite electronic markers. It’s capable of shooting up to 20 bps and comes with a selector switch with five different firing modes (Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto and Select Fire).

And while the D*Fender comes with an Apex 2 barrel as well, it also comes with additional Super Freak barrel inserts (.680, .685 and .690) to further improve your accuracy. I should warn you though that if you plan on using this amazing woodsball marker then you should probably consider buying a vest (or podpack) and remote coil if you want a balanced gun.


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