best gear for beginners in woodsball

Best Gear Setup for a Beginner in Woodsball

When starting off as a beginner in paintball there is nothing more fun than upgrading your gear. Just the excitement of using your new piece of gear next time you go to play makes the sport so much more enjoyable.

That’s why I love the game of woodsball so much more than speedball. While you may be able to upgrade the board on your marker or get a new mask, there really isn’t that many upgrades you can get in speedball. In woodsball, however, there are so many different accessories you can use that the game really never gets boring.

While some days I may decide to put on a ghillie suit and attach an Apex barrel on to the end of the marker, other days I may be more inclined to use a shorter barrel and tank so I can play the role of a front player. There really is no limits to what you can do in woodsball.

Here below I have compiled a short list of gear that will be perfect for any beginner in woodsball.


Tippmann 98 Custom

The Tippmann 98 Custom was the first marker I’ve ever owned and is still one of my favorite markers to date. While this paintball gun may be highly affordable, it can still keep up with the other high-end markers on the field as long as you buy the proper upgrades.

That’s why I love the Tippmann 98 Custom so much. You can buy it for an extremely affordable price, and then slowly upgrade it as you go along in your paintball gear. Of course, if you ever decide to stop playing for any reason then you won’t have wasted as much money as you possibly could have if you originally bought a more expensive gun.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money then you could also start off with a Tippmann A-5. The advantage of the A-5 is the cyclone feed that comes pre built in to the gun. This cyclone feed will allow you to feed paintballs up to 15+ BPS without having to rely on batteries. Pretty impressive.


Empire Helix Mask with Thermal Lens

The Empire Helix paintball mask is (in my opinion) the best paintball mask for beginners. The reason I believe the Empire Helix is the best mask to buy when starting off in paintball is because of the superior lens that comes with it.

The lens on the Helix is the same lens that you find on the more expensive Empire masks and yet it is much more affordable. While it’s true that the Helix doesn’t have the best ventilation in the world, the lens is still the most important factor of any mask.

Once you get ready for a new mask in the future then you can upgrade to the E-Flex or E-Vents and keep the old lens as a spare. And if you decide to change brands then you can always keep the Helix as a good backup mask for friends.


Tippmann Aluminum 48ci/3000psi Tank

This is the cheapest HPA tank I could find that actually holds a decent amount of air. And for the price you are only paying double the price of a 20oz CO2 tank, so you really can’t find a much better deal than this.

Since this tank is actually made by Empire you will also get the benefit of owning a tank made in the USA. Air tanks made from other countries are typically more prone to problems but luckily you won’t have to worry about that here.


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