Story Time: Tales from the Bane Captain

Hey guys and gals it’s the Bane Captain here and today I’m going to tell you one of my favorite past-time paintball stories of how me and the Bane Sniper nearly won an entire scenario game all by ourselves. The date was August the 2nd (or maybe the 3rd) and the whole Sprye Bane crew was preparing for a scenario game at our local paintball field.

The scenario was based off Pirates of the Caribbean movies and of course we had to be on Captain Jack Sparrow’s side. The other enemy leader was Captain Barbossa of the Black Pearl and we were beyond excited to take him down (were big pirate fans at Sprye Bane).

At the beginning of the scenario match I have to admit that we were at a pretty bad start. I guess most of the younger kids decided to go on Jack Sparrow’s side while many of the more experienced players went with Captain Barbossa. To be honest we didn’t really mind that much as it definitely made us some of the better players on the team. Plus we got plenty of good practice which is always needed.

As the game went on though things eventually started to get interesting. A big portion of our team actually managed to make its way down the wooded side of the field and burrowed pretty hard into the trenches.

We were taking fire from virtually all angles and knew something needed to be done if we were going to make it out of there alive. Unfortunately, were started losing a lot of our players and eventually there was nobody left on our side except me and the Bane Sniper. We did expect that somebody else on our team may be close nearby, but sadly we never made contact if they were.

The worst part about the whole situation though was that it was starting to get dark outside and we didn’t have a clue as to where we were going. While we’ve played on this field many times before, it was our first time playing a scenario there and we were currently on the part of the field that’s always closed off during normal games.

The only positive side about the whole situation is both the Sniper and I had on ghillie suits that allowed us to somewhat cover our bright red arm band. Knowing we had this slight advantage (you really could see it if you looked) we decided to crawl on our stomachs all the way to the enemy base. And remember now, we had absolutely no clue where that was exactly so we spent a good deal of time aimlessly crawling around the field.

We tried to get up a few times when we could to make a quick sprint, but there was enemies constantly surrounding us since we were heavily in their territory. Most of the times when we moved we actually had to time it up with enemy fire to make some of the noise we were making crawling through the brush.

Eventually we made our way to the side of the enemy base and for a moment we were kind of lost on what to do. We thought about shooting the people in the base, but we knew that once we did that we were for sure going to be eliminated within no time if we did.

So we took somewhat of a risk and decided to go up to the base and ask the enemy commander for advice on what to do while pretending to be a member of their team. Surprisingly this worked and the enemy commander actually gave us a bomb to blow up the “enemy” base with.

Knowing I had the Bane Sniper watching my back in the bushes, I went up to the referee who was by their base and asked if I could blow up their base with their own bomb. The ref was in absolute shock and had to actually call in to the main referee to ask what to do. Sadly, they told us no (we think they wanted the other team to win) but he did tell us that we could keep the bomb ourselves so the enemy has no way to win.

When I told the Sniper what happened he couldn’t believe it and we started running back to our base. Out of nowhere though this guy runs up to us with two other speedball guys at his side and were sure we’re about to enter a fire fight. Funnily enough though they just walk up to us and say something along the lines of “hey Barbossa told me you have the bomb to blow up their ship, I’m going to help escort you to the enemy base”.

We couldn’t believe the turn of events but we did our best to keep our armbands turned away from him and ran up to the opening of the field where the fort was. Since we knew our team was in the fort we both made a mad dash to it as fast as we could while our entire team fired upon us.

Luckily I heard the Bane Legend yell out “stop shooting he’s on our team” and was able to safely make it to the fort with no balls breaking on me or the Sniper. All of a sudden there’s like twenty other players surrounding us and we tell them the story of how we got the bomb from the enemy captain.

One of the guys there that was high in command tells everyone we need to get back to the base immediately so they formed an escort team and we rushed back to the base like a team of commandos. When we made it safely there we made sure to contact the rest of the members of our team on radio and got them back there as well. Then we held off our base until the scenario game was completely over and we knew we won.

Unfortunately, I guess capturing the enemy’s bomb wasn’t enough so we didn’t actually win the game. It’s still a fun story to tell though and many members of the enemy team (including the captain and guy who thought he was helping us) was pretty embarrassed after the game was over. We still hang out with those guys here and there and we always laugh over this story.


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