5 mistakes to avoid in paintball

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Newbie in Paintball

While the Sprye Bane paintball team doesn’t judge you by how good you are, we will always be there to give you advice on how you can improve your game. We also make sure to constantly play and practice so that we can bond and grow as a team.

So if you plan on joining Sprye Bane you should at least be prepared play and practice on a weekly basis. And just to help you get off to a good start here are five mistakes that you should avoid as a newbie in paintball. As long as you avoid these five mistakes you’ll be in a much better place than most beginner who are on the field for the first time.

1. Staying in One Place

The one mistake that will keep you from getting eliminations and almost always gets you eliminated yourself is staying in one place. The reason it is so bad to stay in one place when playing paintball is your adrenaline won’t be pumping and you will also feel the full force the pain when you get shot.

Staying in one place will also make you an easy target since you will be standing still and the other players will be moving. While you may think that you have the upper advantage by hiding, just remember that the other player has already been aiming and shooting so is probably better prepared to get the first shot.


2. Moving When Unnecessary

On the other end of the spectrum you have some players that will move way too much. If you’re moving too often this can actually be a pretty big problem as movement is what always catches the eye first. So the second you move the enemy player will be able to spot you and begin firing your way.


3. Shooting at First Sight

When playing a videogame you may want to shoot someone the second you see them so you don’t miss your opportunity to get a shot, but in paintball shooting at first sight is definitely not a good idea. Not only does it give away your position, but also causes you to lose your opportunity for an easy elimination.

Do your best to remain patient and I promise it will pay off in the end. Just don’t wait so long that you completely lose your opportunity to get the elimination.


4. Not Communicating With Your Team

If you never communicate with your team then how will anyone ever know where the enemy players are or when you need help? Sure, sometimes it’s best to remain quiet so no one can hear you, but often the already know where you are so you’re better to communicate with your team and make a good strategy.

However, many players make the mistake of talking for no reason just to say they are communicating with their team. This should be avoided and you should only talk when you have something worthy of saying.


5. Keeping Head Out in the Open

I see this mistake all the time when playing against beginners and it’s one of the biggest reasons I often get easy eliminations. By sticking your head out in the open for more than a second or two at a time you often give people an easy target to shoot.

Many beginners will even pop their head out over the top of a bunker and allow the enemy team to shoot them from all angles. This is a big no-no in paintball and is what we call playing whack a mole in paintball.

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