Reviews of the Top 3 Paintball Guns for Woodsball

While becoming a great woodsball player requires a lot of practice, it also helps to have some good paintball gun as well. In fact, buying a better marker is one of the easiest ways to increase your average number of eliminations on the field.

So what is the best paintball gun for woodsball?

In my opinion, the top 3 paintball guns that you would want to have in a woodsball or scenario paintball game are the Tippmann A5, Empire BT TM-15 and the Empire D*Fender. Now remember, this is just my personal opinion so do yourself a favor and go out and read other paintball gun reviews as well.

This way you’re far more likely to choose the best paintball marker possible.


Tippmann A5

The Tippmann A5 is probably the best woodsball marker that you can buy as a beginner. It’s priced right around $200 so it’s highly affordable as well.

What makes the Tippmann A5 such as great marker is both its durability and reliability. Its durability comes from being made from a highly durable aluminum, and its reliability is due to the genius engineers over at Tippmann.

Even though the A5 is a blow back marker, it’s so well made that you virtually never have to worry about it breaking. And in the rare case that the Tippmann A5 does break down it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to help you operate on the marker as Tippmann is the most popular paintball company in the world.

My favorite part about the Tippmann A5 (and the reason I recommend it over the 98 Custom) is the cyclone feed system that feeds up to 15+ bps. Combine this hopper system with the response trigger or e-grip and now you have a paintball machine gun that requires only one battery or none at all.

The amount of accessories that can be placed on the A5 is pretty crazy as well. For this reason the Tippmann A5 is the ultimate Mil-sim marker for the player who loves upgrading their marker.


Empire BT TM-15

best paintball gun for woodsball

Ever heard of the Empire Mini? Well now you can get the Empire Mini in a Mil-sim frame that’s perfect for the intermediate woodsball player. This Mil-sim frame comes with an adjustable/collapsible stock, multiple picatinny rails and a stealth body design that works in conjunction with the barrel to reduce the overall sound signature.

The coolest aspect of the TM-15 though is the four position firing mode switch that allows you to toggle between 4 different firing modes (Semi, PSP, NXL and Millennium). You can’t forget about the Quick-Change battery system either that goes into the removable magazine.

This feature alone makes the BT TM-15 one of the top woodsball markers in my collection. This is because I absolutely hate having to remove the grip of my marker every time I want to replace the battery. While this may not be a pet peeve of yours it definitely makes me one happy paintballer.

The last feature I want to mention about the Empire BT TM-15 is the Apex 2 barrel that comes included with the marker. This nifty little barrel allows you to shoot at a much further range than anyone using a normal barrel. And it even allows you to curve paintballs around bunkers as well.


Empire BT D*Fender

top milsim marker

Hold on to your seat boys and girls, we’re about to review the best woodsball marker ever made – the Empire BT D*Fender. With this paintball gun you won’t have to worry about an annoying loader getting in your way anymore, as Empire integrated the hopper into the marker itself to eliminate it entirely from field of view.

This also eliminates the possibility of you getting hit in the loader, but I guess it does increase the possibility of you getting shot on the side of the gun. At least you won’t have to worry about your marker ever breaking though, as the frame is made from an ultra-strong, lightweight magnesium material.

When you take a look inside of the frame though you essentially have an Empire Axe, which is personally one of my favorite electronic markers. It’s capable of shooting up to 20 bps and comes with a selector switch with five different firing modes (Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto and Select Fire).

And while the D*Fender comes with an Apex 2 barrel as well, it also comes with additional Super Freak barrel inserts (.680, .685 and .690) to further improve your accuracy. I should warn you though that if you plan on using this amazing woodsball marker then you should probably consider buying a vest (or podpack) and remote coil if you want a balanced gun.

Story Time: Tales from the Bane Captain

Hey guys and gals it’s the Bane Captain here and today I’m going to tell you one of my favorite past-time paintball stories of how me and the Bane Sniper nearly won an entire scenario game all by ourselves. The date was August the 2nd (or maybe the 3rd) and the whole Sprye Bane crew was preparing for a scenario game at our local paintball field.

The scenario was based off Pirates of the Caribbean movies and of course we had to be on Captain Jack Sparrow’s side. The other enemy leader was Captain Barbossa of the Black Pearl and we were beyond excited to take him down (were big pirate fans at Sprye Bane).

At the beginning of the scenario match I have to admit that we were at a pretty bad start. I guess most of the younger kids decided to go on Jack Sparrow’s side while many of the more experienced players went with Captain Barbossa. To be honest we didn’t really mind that much as it definitely made us some of the better players on the team. Plus we got plenty of good practice which is always needed.

As the game went on though things eventually started to get interesting. A big portion of our team actually managed to make its way down the wooded side of the field and burrowed pretty hard into the trenches.

We were taking fire from virtually all angles and knew something needed to be done if we were going to make it out of there alive. Unfortunately, were started losing a lot of our players and eventually there was nobody left on our side except me and the Bane Sniper. We did expect that somebody else on our team may be close nearby, but sadly we never made contact if they were.

The worst part about the whole situation though was that it was starting to get dark outside and we didn’t have a clue as to where we were going. While we’ve played on this field many times before, it was our first time playing a scenario there and we were currently on the part of the field that’s always closed off during normal games.

The only positive side about the whole situation is both the Sniper and I had on ghillie suits that allowed us to somewhat cover our bright red arm band. Knowing we had this slight advantage (you really could see it if you looked) we decided to crawl on our stomachs all the way to the enemy base. And remember now, we had absolutely no clue where that was exactly so we spent a good deal of time aimlessly crawling around the field.

We tried to get up a few times when we could to make a quick sprint, but there was enemies constantly surrounding us since we were heavily in their territory. Most of the times when we moved we actually had to time it up with enemy fire to make some of the noise we were making crawling through the brush.

Eventually we made our way to the side of the enemy base and for a moment we were kind of lost on what to do. We thought about shooting the people in the base, but we knew that once we did that we were for sure going to be eliminated within no time if we did.

So we took somewhat of a risk and decided to go up to the base and ask the enemy commander for advice on what to do while pretending to be a member of their team. Surprisingly this worked and the enemy commander actually gave us a bomb to blow up the “enemy” base with.

Knowing I had the Bane Sniper watching my back in the bushes, I went up to the referee who was by their base and asked if I could blow up their base with their own bomb. The ref was in absolute shock and had to actually call in to the main referee to ask what to do. Sadly, they told us no (we think they wanted the other team to win) but he did tell us that we could keep the bomb ourselves so the enemy has no way to win.

When I told the Sniper what happened he couldn’t believe it and we started running back to our base. Out of nowhere though this guy runs up to us with two other speedball guys at his side and were sure we’re about to enter a fire fight. Funnily enough though they just walk up to us and say something along the lines of “hey Barbossa told me you have the bomb to blow up their ship, I’m going to help escort you to the enemy base”.

We couldn’t believe the turn of events but we did our best to keep our armbands turned away from him and ran up to the opening of the field where the fort was. Since we knew our team was in the fort we both made a mad dash to it as fast as we could while our entire team fired upon us.

Luckily I heard the Bane Legend yell out “stop shooting he’s on our team” and was able to safely make it to the fort with no balls breaking on me or the Sniper. All of a sudden there’s like twenty other players surrounding us and we tell them the story of how we got the bomb from the enemy captain.

One of the guys there that was high in command tells everyone we need to get back to the base immediately so they formed an escort team and we rushed back to the base like a team of commandos. When we made it safely there we made sure to contact the rest of the members of our team on radio and got them back there as well. Then we held off our base until the scenario game was completely over and we knew we won.

Unfortunately, I guess capturing the enemy’s bomb wasn’t enough so we didn’t actually win the game. It’s still a fun story to tell though and many members of the enemy team (including the captain and guy who thought he was helping us) was pretty embarrassed after the game was over. We still hang out with those guys here and there and we always laugh over this story.

Story Time: Tales from the Bane Marksmen

Hey fellow paintballers, it’s the Bane Marksmen here and today I’m going to tell you a story of how me and my friends absolutely dominated The Siege of Stormwynd scenario at Camp Blanding. Unfortunately you can no longer play at Camp Blanding anymore, but let me tell you it was definitely a fun field to play at.

I believe the year was 2008 when my friends and I took our first road trip to Stark Florida to go to Camp Blanding. We’ve heard the stories of how epic the field and we were beyond psyched to play there. When we pulled up in our RV though we were absolutely shocked at how big the field of. We actually got to walk the field the night before the scenario and got to see the tunnels underneath the buildings and everything.

We were so excited to play the next day that we went to sleep as early as we could just to make the time fly by faster. After waking up we got our air tanks filled, listened to the rules and then rushed onto the field with the rest of our team to prepare to attack the city of Stormwind.

When the horns rang out loud and the match started we rushed through the woods to flank around the buildings. However, we were quickly met with opposition and had to bunker down and fight it out. After we cleared the field a little though we made a mad dash to the building and just barely made it in alive.

For the rest of the day we had to clear out all of the buildings we could, but once night came around that’s when the real fun started. We didn’t realize it at the time, but the majority of our team gave up because of some bad calls by the captain, but we at Sprye Bane refused to give up. Our entire team hunkered down underneath a couple trees and we held off all the enemy opposition we could until it was just us left.

I guess the enemy team simply figured we gave up because it wasn’t long till they left the area we were at and went back to the buildings. We sneakily followed right behind them and walked into the same building as them disguised as members of their team (we made sure to keep our arms bands as hidden as possible).

Since nobody knew that we were actually the enemy we were fortunate enough to barrel tag the entire building of around 15 people before they even knew what was going on. I mean they literally walked one by one right to us asking “what was that” as we told them that they were barrel tagged.

Shortly after that the match was called and we left the field with the biggest smiles on our face. We couldn’t believe the amount of barrel tags we just got, and since it was most of our first barrel tag eliminations it was a pretty impressive feat for us to accomplish.

The next day had some pretty cool stories as well, but nothing compared to the night before. During the final battle my chunky cousin did manage to run to the center bunker while the entire enemy team fired upon him, but sadly that was probably the highlight of the day.

Hopefully they open Camp Blanding for paintball in the future though as it is definitely the best paintball field I’ve ever had the opportunity to play at. To give you an idea of what took place that epic day I’ve found this video of The Siege of Stormwynd that somebody posted online.

Best Gear Setup for a Beginner in Woodsball

When starting off as a beginner in paintball there is nothing more fun than upgrading your gear. Just the excitement of using your new piece of gear next time you go to play makes the sport so much more enjoyable.

That’s why I love the game of woodsball so much more than speedball. While you may be able to upgrade the board on your marker or get a new mask, there really isn’t that many upgrades you can get in speedball. In woodsball, however, there are so many different accessories you can use that the game really never gets boring.

While some days I may decide to put on a ghillie suit and attach an Apex barrel on to the end of the marker, other days I may be more inclined to use a shorter barrel and tank so I can play the role of a front player. There really is no limits to what you can do in woodsball.

Here below I have compiled a short list of gear that will be perfect for any beginner in woodsball.


Tippmann 98 Custom

The Tippmann 98 Custom was the first marker I’ve ever owned and is still one of my favorite markers to date. While this paintball gun may be highly affordable, it can still keep up with the other high-end markers on the field as long as you buy the proper upgrades.

That’s why I love the Tippmann 98 Custom so much. You can buy it for an extremely affordable price, and then slowly upgrade it as you go along in your paintball gear. Of course, if you ever decide to stop playing for any reason then you won’t have wasted as much money as you possibly could have if you originally bought a more expensive gun.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money then you could also start off with a Tippmann A-5. The advantage of the A-5 is the cyclone feed that comes pre built in to the gun. This cyclone feed will allow you to feed paintballs up to 15+ BPS without having to rely on batteries. Pretty impressive.


Empire Helix Mask with Thermal Lens

The Empire Helix paintball mask is (in my opinion) the best paintball mask for beginners. The reason I believe the Empire Helix is the best mask to buy when starting off in paintball is because of the superior lens that comes with it.

The lens on the Helix is the same lens that you find on the more expensive Empire masks and yet it is much more affordable. While it’s true that the Helix doesn’t have the best ventilation in the world, the lens is still the most important factor of any mask.

Once you get ready for a new mask in the future then you can upgrade to the E-Flex or E-Vents and keep the old lens as a spare. And if you decide to change brands then you can always keep the Helix as a good backup mask for friends.


Tippmann Aluminum 48ci/3000psi Tank

This is the cheapest HPA tank I could find that actually holds a decent amount of air. And for the price you are only paying double the price of a 20oz CO2 tank, so you really can’t find a much better deal than this.

Since this tank is actually made by Empire you will also get the benefit of owning a tank made in the USA. Air tanks made from other countries are typically more prone to problems but luckily you won’t have to worry about that here.

Story Time: Tales from the Bane Sniper

Hey everyone, it’s the Bane Sniper and today I’m here to tell you a story of how I took on around 15 people at once with only a first timer by my side. But before I get to telling you about the match, let me first give you the back story of the day.

This story takes place around 10 years ago when I was first getting into the art of paintball sniping. I spent over two months working every day making a ghillie suit and I finally had the opportunity to go and use it at my local field. All of my friends and I went out to play and there was about five of us that day.

I still remember being slightly embarrassed to put on my ghillie suit because I was afraid of what the other people were going to think. I mean I literally looked like a giant bush monster that came out of a scary story.

Eventually I did gain the courage to put it on though, and of course as I was going towards the field a group of around 10 guys all started laughing at me and calling me big Bigfoot. I knew they weren’t necessarily trying to make fun of me or anything, but I still remember thinking how I was going to show up these players since I knew they were on opposite team.

When everyone got set up on their side and the ref called for the game to start I ran straight to the woods on the side of the field. I’m not going to lie, I was moving pretty slowly up the field at first as I was trying to flank around to get a good angle on the enemies. Unfortunately, my entire team was wiped out and they only got out one or two of the players on the opposite team.

Now I was thinking that for sure we were going to lose, but I met up with the last player left on my team who hiding in the corner. This last player was a little kid that was maybe 12 years old and I could tell that he looked up to me by the way he was acting.

Destined to show this kid that I was worth his appraise, I thought of the best plan that we could do in order to hopefully win the match. I decided the best plan was to have him guard my left by laying low and somewhat hiding in the side of the bush. From that location he could easily shoot anybody that came behind me and all I had to do was watch in front of me as the enemy players tried to surround me.

One by one I eliminated around 10 players on the enemy team and I knew that the last few were hiding in the fort. And at our field if you bang on the side of the fort then the enemy team loses so my new friend and I ran up the entire field giving each other suppressive fire until I banged on the side of the fort and won the match.

Luckily as I walked off the field I still had my mask on because I couldn’t contain the huge grin that I had when all of the players on the enemy team were nodding their head in respect. And I’m pretty sure the same guy who was pointing at me and laughing was also the same guy who was pointing at me and saying that was the guy who got us all out when the match was over.

Let’s just say that after that game I never had any disbelief that I couldn’t be a paintball sniper. Every single one of my eliminations only took 2 to 3 shots, and besides the kids in the fort I don’t think any of the enemy players even shot at me once. Just by using my ghillie suit and knowing how to properly position myself on the field I was virtually invisible to the enemy.

Hopefully this story inspired you to become a paintball sniper, and if not I hope that you at least enjoyed hearing my tale. I know I’ve enjoyed telling it.

How to Be an Effective Paintball Sniper

When I first got into the sport of paintball all I ever wanted to be was a paintball sniper. I watched some cool videos online showing off how cool it was to be a paintball sniper and since then I’ve been hooked to the idea.

When I first started practicing the art of “sniping” in paintball, I have to admit that I wasn’t too good. I honestly thought you could sit at a far range and pick people off with one shot at a time. Boy was I wrong!

Over the years I’ve learned a lot though and I can now say that I’m one of the most effective paintball snipers that I’ve ever encountered. And I must say that I’ve played a lot of paintball!

If you’re thinking of becoming a paintball sniper too then I got a few helpful tips for you that will surely transform you into a better player. While these tips are mainly meant to help you become a better paintball sniper, they will also help you improve your game whenever stealth is needed.


Move Quietly

Moving quietly may sound easy, but it actually takes lots of practice to be able to so efficiently. I’ve found the best way to walk quietly is to start with putting your heel down first and then drop the side of your foot down until your whole foot touches the ground. Resting your foot down slowly is also smart to do as well as it will keep you from making too much noise.

I highly recommend buying shoes with a soft sole such as moccasins if you really want to walk as quietly as possible.


Learn to Stay Still

When I first starting being a paintball sniper I wasn’t very good at being patient and would often give up my position by moving too early when someone got nearby. As a paintball sniper you really need to learn how to stay still and let the enemy walk by you until you get the perfect shot.

Sometimes you’ll even have to let the enemy completely walk pass you (sometimes only walking a few feet away) without moving at all so you won’t give up your position. This can take nerves of steel to not move when an enemy is nearby but this is what being a paintball sniper is all about.

The reason being still is so important when an enemy is nearby is because movement is the first thing that catches the eye. I’ve often had players stand only a few feet away from me and never see me just because I don’t move. You would be quite surprised how often this happens.


Master the Art of Camouflage

Being able to blend in your surroundings is one of the most important things you need to be able to do as a sniper in paintball. Since you don’t have the range on people like actual snipers in the military do you have to be extra careful with where you hide and how you move.

While this topic may be a little too broad for me to teach in one article, I will say that getting a ghillie suit will help you tremendously when it comes to hiding in plain sight. If you don’t have the time to make your own or the money to buy one then I would at least recommend getting some good camouflage to wear.


Always Strive to Improve Your Accuracy

The last step to becoming an expert paintball sniper is to become the most accurate player on the field. If anyone playing is more accurate than you then how can you really call yourself a true paintball sniper?

While back in the day many players would try using the argument that everyone was limited to virtually the same range, this is no longer true. By using first strike paintball rounds you can effectively double your range on the field. Plus they are highly accurate so you can finally have an advantage over the other players on the field.

You still want to perform target practice often though so you can actually be accurate yourself and not just rely on the use of superior paintballs.

What to Expect the First Time You Play Paintball

While the last article taught you some of the basic mistakes you want to avoid as a beginner in paintball, this article will go more over what you can expect the first time you play. Instead of teaching you the basics myself though, I decided to spice up our blog with a great video I found a few years ago.

When my cousin was initially getting into paintball this is the video I showed him and I have to admit he did pretty good his first time playing. Yeah, this video may be a little cheesy, but hey at least it’s effective!

So what can you expect to learn in this video? For starters, it will teach you all of the most important rules you need to follow, how your marker operates, and even some basic info about the sport of paintball. Basically, you will know everything you need to know to play paintball for the first time.

Hope you enjoy the video!

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Newbie in Paintball

While the Sprye Bane paintball team doesn’t judge you by how good you are, we will always be there to give you advice on how you can improve your game. We also make sure to constantly play and practice so that we can bond and grow as a team.

So if you plan on joining Sprye Bane you should at least be prepared play and practice on a weekly basis. And just to help you get off to a good start here are five mistakes that you should avoid as a newbie in paintball. As long as you avoid these five mistakes you’ll be in a much better place than most beginner who are on the field for the first time.

1. Staying in One Place

The one mistake that will keep you from getting eliminations and almost always gets you eliminated yourself is staying in one place. The reason it is so bad to stay in one place when playing paintball is your adrenaline won’t be pumping and you will also feel the full force the pain when you get shot.

Staying in one place will also make you an easy target since you will be standing still and the other players will be moving. While you may think that you have the upper advantage by hiding, just remember that the other player has already been aiming and shooting so is probably better prepared to get the first shot.


2. Moving When Unnecessary

On the other end of the spectrum you have some players that will move way too much. If you’re moving too often this can actually be a pretty big problem as movement is what always catches the eye first. So the second you move the enemy player will be able to spot you and begin firing your way.


3. Shooting at First Sight

When playing a videogame you may want to shoot someone the second you see them so you don’t miss your opportunity to get a shot, but in paintball shooting at first sight is definitely not a good idea. Not only does it give away your position, but also causes you to lose your opportunity for an easy elimination.

Do your best to remain patient and I promise it will pay off in the end. Just don’t wait so long that you completely lose your opportunity to get the elimination.


4. Not Communicating With Your Team

If you never communicate with your team then how will anyone ever know where the enemy players are or when you need help? Sure, sometimes it’s best to remain quiet so no one can hear you, but often the already know where you are so you’re better to communicate with your team and make a good strategy.

However, many players make the mistake of talking for no reason just to say they are communicating with their team. This should be avoided and you should only talk when you have something worthy of saying.


5. Keeping Head Out in the Open

I see this mistake all the time when playing against beginners and it’s one of the biggest reasons I often get easy eliminations. By sticking your head out in the open for more than a second or two at a time you often give people an easy target to shoot.

Many beginners will even pop their head out over the top of a bunker and allow the enemy team to shoot them from all angles. This is a big no-no in paintball and is what we call playing whack a mole in paintball.

Gear Setup for Each Member of Sprye Bane

The Sprye Bane paintball team is currently comprised of six members: the Bane Captain, Master, Assassin, Legend, Sniper and Marksmen. While there are more side members of this team, this is the main roster as of the moment.

Bane Captain

Jacob Graham is the official leader of the team and goes by the name of Bane Captain. While the Bane Captain may not be the best overall player on the team, he definitely knows how to lead and inspire the team to march into battle.

Marker: Invert Mini

Marker Accessories: Freak barrel kit

Hopper: Dye Rotor R2

Mask: Vforce Grill

Air Tank: Ninja 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Make the most out of every game, you never know what could happen.


Bane Master

The Bane Master is none other than the second in command of our team – Josh Rathell. The Bane Masters job is to lay down heavy suppressive fire and inform the other members of the team of what’s going on. If the commander ever dies while in battle then the Bane Master will take his place

Marker: Tippmann A5

Marker Accessories: Dogleg stock, NcStar red dot, E-grip and Stiffi Barrel

Hopper: Cyclone feed

Mask: Vforce Profiler

Air Tank: Crossfire 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Never poke your head out of the same place twice – stay unpredictable.


Bane Assassin

The Bane Assassin is one of the sneakiest members on our team. And while most people call him the Assassin, we just call him Dave Dobbins. Dave is the kind of guy who will sneak past your whole team and then barrel tag you just to say he did it.

Marker: Empire Dfender

Marker Accessories: Lapco Bigshot

Hopper: Pinokio speed loader

Mask: Virtue VIO

Air Tank: Ninja 50/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Walk on the edge of your feet to reduce the amount of noise you make.


Bane Legend

If you’ve ever wondered who puts more time into this game than any of our other members, it’s the Bane Legend. Frank Vaynerchuk is the Bane Legend and he has been an avid paintballer for over 15 years now! This guy has basically taught us everything we know.

Marker: RT ULE Automag

Marker Accessories: Red dot and Proto barrel

Hopper: Ricochet hopper

Mask: Empire Eflex

Air Tank: Ninja 68/4500

Favorite Paintball Tip: Don’t move when the enemy is looking in your general direction. Movement is the first thing the eyes see.


Bane Sniper

The Bane Sniper is by far our deadliest member and one of the most laid back paintballers you’ve ever seen. Evan Crosby uses his ghillie suit to virtually disappear in the woods and the only time you’ll ever see him is when it’s already too late.

Marker: Tiberius Arms T9.1

Marker Accessories: Red dot

Mask: Empire Events

Air Tank: Guerilla 13/3000

Favorite Paintball Tip: Try to be where the enemy will never expect you.


Bane Marksmen

If you need somebody who won’t let you down then the Bane Marksmen is definitely your guy. Not only can Nick Ray easily shoot players from a far distance, but he can also do it without even fully having to aim. How the Bane Marksmen ever got so accurate I never know.

Marker: Tippmann 98 Custom

Marker Accessories: Dogleg stock and Apex 2

Hopper: Empire Halo Too

Mask: Empire EVS

Air Tank: First Strile 48/3000

Favorite Paintball Tip: Always keep a count in your head of how many players are left on the enemy team.