About Us

Team History

Sprye Bane, as a group emerged, like most, from a small group of friends sharing similar interests and/or going to the same school. Sprye Bane as a paintball team began in the spring of 2004, when a chance meeting between Grelvire and Snorri sparked a conversation leading to a woodsball game that led to our inevitable participation in the scenario format of paintball. Sprye Bane members have been present in numerous scenarios and woodsball games leading to the implementation of a command structure and this homepage. Sprye Bane has grown into an infamous team with members known to do things no one in their right mind would do (i.e.: wearing kilts during play and charging forward when most would not)

In 2006 Team Wardogs merged into Sprye Bane creating “Squad Wardogs” within the team. Most of the original members formed into the “Black Sheep Squad” and are more noted to wear the kilt in battle.

Team Philosophy

Sprye Bane’s objective in paintball is not to win but to have fun, promote teamwork and pass our skills and knowledge onto who ever wants to learn from our collective experiences. As a group, encompassing many ages and abilities, we feel that having a safe and fun experience, that you can look fondly upon later, is worth more than winning. Though, it is thrilling to get the ‘V’ we always go home the winners.

Black Sheep Squad

Sprye Bane’s Black Sheep Squad is comprised of almost all of the original members and founders of the team. The “Black Sheep” primarily shoot markers produced by Airgun Designs and are more notably known for their wearing of kilts during play. Members of this squad are the more veteran players of the team and have the reputation for their willingness to go the distance when it comes to completing an objective no matter the odds and their lack of apparent sanity with their humorous antics on and off the field.

Squad Wardogs

Sprye Bane’s Squad Wardogs originated as Team Wardogs. After months of discussion and a few games the decision was made for the fledgling team to merge into the folds of Sprye Bane as a squad. Comprised of young-bloods and a few veteran players the Wardogs have proved themselves to be valued assets to the team.